Paraw & Samba Regatta

On February 2, Jaro literally sparkles as it celebrates the feast of its patroness, La Nuestra Señora de Candelaria or Our Lady of Candles. Although a religious holiday, the whole city and the country literally goes to Jaro to celebrate with the Jarenos this fabulous and famous celebration. Originally, the celebration is a thanksgiving of the Jarenos for the good harvest and fortune that the patroness has showered on them for the past year, but it has drawn local and foreign visitors alike because of its lavish luncheons and dinners, opulent religious procession which literally need security men because of the great display of diamonds, gold and other jewels, the grand cock derbies, and most of all, the grand ball and coronation of the Jaro Fiesta Queen who is usually selected from among the beautiful maidens of rich Jaro families. Famous national figures always grace this occasion.